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Previous Shows
Killer Paint's Monster Bash: Snohomish, WA: 2018

Midsummer Masquerade: Southgate House Revival Newport, KY: 2018

Nightmare on the Nile, Seattle, WA: 2017
Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival, Seattle, WA: 2017
The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Holiday Time Seattle Fundraiser, Seattle, WA: 2016
Jeff Ferrell’s Carnival of Souls, Seattle, WA: 2016, 2017
Impromptu – Crypticon, Seattle, WA: 2016
Cincinnati Polo Club, Cincinnati, Ohio: 2012
The Time Traveler’s Ball, Cincinnati, OH: 2012
Melbourne’s Halloween FreakShow, County Line, Melbourne, FL: 2012
Men’s Club of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC: 2012
P.T.’s Show Club, Indianapolis,IN:
Bojangles- Dirty Little Secrets, West Carrollton, OH: 2011
Ink Life Tour: Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival, El Paso, TX: 2011
The Tattooed Life Tour, Cincinnati, OH: 2011
Land of Illusion, Middletown, OH: 2009, 2011
Bossier City Fair, Bossier City, LA: 2010
Down on the Bayou Fair, Gonzales, LA: 2010
Razorback Fair, Fayetteville, AK: 2010
Oddball Bonanza Show with Insane Clown Posse, Philadelphia, PA: 2010
Flamingo Show Club, Dayton, OH: 2009, 2010
Gathering of the Juggalos, Cave-In-Rock, IL: 2009
Chaos in the Park for Dr. Creep, Middletown, OH: 2009
House of Death, Waterloo, IA: 2009
Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore, New York City, NY: 2009
Castle Days, Loveland Castle, Loveland, OH: 2008
USS Nightmare, Covington, KY: 2007